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Does anyone else get a reenergizing feeling when spring starts to roll around? Along with all my stresses of the past year, the snow finally starts to melt away. The bright colors of spring are starting to emerge and the birds are chirping. Suddenly, I have this new excitement about my life and my family! Thanks to the time change, the days are getting longer so now there’s more time to enjoy the weather and spend quality time with the family. And there’s no better way to bring the springtime with your loved ones than some crafts! To get the rest of your family in the spring mood, I’ve compiled my three favorite springtime crafts that I know they’ll absolutely love. Happy spring everyone!

Ladybug Painted Rocks

Dazzle your yard with these adorable ladybug painted rocks that are so easy even your littlest ones can make one on their own!






Find full details on this project here.

Paper Pinwheels

You really can’t go wrong with pinwheels for a springtime craft. Their mesmerizing spin will have your children occupied for hours!






Find full details on this project here.

Coffee Filter Umbrellas

Springtime isn’t all sunshine, there will definitely be some rainy days. Save this craft for one of those days to help your kids pass the time until the sun decides to shine again.





Find full details on this project here.


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