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President’s Day falls on the third Monday of every February. It’s most commonly believed to celebrate all Presidents in U.S. history, but it actually mainly celebrates the birthdays of the illustrious George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, whose fall close to each other. When I was in grade school, I remember paying homage to their memory by dressing up as Presidents and spending the day making fun President’s Day crafts. Whether it’s in the classroom or at home, this is a perfect opportunity to creativity teach your kids about the leaders who shaped our country. Try these crafts below and spark a new interest in U.S. history!

George Washington Cotton Ball Wig

Born on February 22, 1732, George Washington became our first president in 1789. He played an important role in leading the American Army to victory over the British in 1783 thus gaining America’s independence. Make this super easy craft with your kids and they can know what it feels like to be one of the greatest American politicians of all time.




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Popsicle Bald Eagle

What a better way to show off your patriotism than a bald eagle craft? While making these crafts be sure to educate them on the significance of the magnificent creature. This glorious bird was selected to become America’s symbol because of it’s nativeness to North America. Making it ‘our’ eagle and ours only. These majestic beasts symbolize strength, determination, and independence.





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Abe Lincoln’s Hat

Known as one of America’s most beloved presidents, Abraham Lincoln brought much progress to America through his many achievements. Among many, his biggest accomplishments include issuing the Emancipation Proclamation and leading the Union to victory in the American Civil War. Teach your children about the achievements of our sixteenth president by recreating his iconic top hat.





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