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Although my child has been going to public school for only a couple years now, homeschooling is a topic that always crosses my mind. It became a concern for me when my child started first grade, always wondering if she’s being taught with the utmost patience and care. For most parents, waking their child every morning and getting them ready for a new day of learning is an exciting routine. For others and myself, it’s a worrisome affair. Every day I fear that my child feels that I am abandoning them, thus hindering their ability to learn and excel. If these feelings resonate with you, then you’ve probably been wondering the same thing I have: is homeschooling a good idea? If you’re on the fence about it, consider these 5 incredible benefits:

Choose What Your Child Learns

One of the most obvious and beneficial advantages of homeschooling is having the ability to choose what your child learns. Public and private schools set their curriculum and schedule them based on days of birth. So if your child is learning at a higher level but was born past the cutoff date, they’re learning lower level concepts and slower rate. As a homeschooler, you have the freedom to teach your child anything you want and at the speed you and your child prefer. Another good point to make is the speed of the curriculum. Teachers have a total of 6 months to make sure their students complete the curriculum. I feel that they don’t properly consider the time it takes for some children to fully grasp a lesson. With homeschooling, you have control of the curriculum and all the time you need to make sure your child learns concepts adequately.

Focus on the Child’s Talents and Interests

Public and private schools develop their curriculums at a broader perspective, which can be detrimental to your child. It exposes your child to multiple topics and subjects, which may seem like they have vast knowledge but only to an extent. When you choose to homeschool your child you have the opportunity to explore your child’s talents and interests. The parent has the power to encourage higher learning by capturing their curiosities and imagination.

It’s Flexible

Choosing to homeschool means no more early mornings rushing your kids to school every day. No more racing against time to make sure they’re in their seat when the bell rings. Amidst these frantic mornings, they’re probably skipping breakfast, which is vital to proper learning. According to SFGate, breakfast provides great benefits such as improved grades and increased concentration. When your child learns at home you and your child have adequate time to get in the learning mood. In addition, homeschooling provides a more relaxed environment, allowing you to teach your child at your and their comfort level.

Become a Better Parent

I believe a family is as strong as the time spent together. Homeschooling lets the parent become involved in every aspect of their child’s development. Although homeschool can be very difficult at times, the reward is very high. Not only for the child but the parent as well. Unlike public and private schools, homeschooling doesn’t go one way. The parent does much learning along the way as well, allowing them to discover new things about their child and their interests. This gives parents a challenge to find new ways to creatively teach concepts. All of this leads to a stronger bond between the parent and child and becoming a better parent in general.

Homeschooling can either be a breeze or a pain depending on how you manage it, but regardless there are plenty benefits to this alternative. After writing this blog, it’s becoming a serious consideration for me. If you feel the same way, be sure to start early. See how your child responds to it, and if it is a positive one, you can homeschool your kid through the entirety of their education! Otherwise, you always have public and private schools to fall back on. Were there any important points that we missed? Be sure to let us know on our Facebook page!




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