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All January I’ve been hearing about football non-stop from all the men in my family. Seriously, they’re obsessed with football. They watch every game, check stats every hour, and play fantasy religiously. So when Super Bowl Sunday comes around, it’s a big deal for all of us. However, it’s a big deal for me for different reasons. While they’re making their championship predictions, I’m planning for the real prize: an unforgettable Super Bowl party. If you want your home to be the place to be for the big game, consider these Super Bowl Party ideas that I’m sure will be winners.


Getting amped for the big game can work up quite an appetite. Parties are nothing without something to munch on, and this is especially true for Super Bowl parties. Make sure you have a mix of both savory and sweet. When it comes to savory snacks, think bar food. So this means burgers, hot dogs, and tacos. But don’t forget about finger foods for people who want a little of everything, such as nachos, fries, chips and dip, and wings. Keep in mind some of your guests may have restrictive diets or practice other selective diets. So keep them in mind as you may need to opt for other non-meat or gluten-free options. Your consideration for them will go a long way.


Rooting for your favorite team can be quite tiring, so make sure your guests are properly hydrated. Always keep water on hand, but flavored juices and sodas are also a must. This year, go the extra mile and conjure up some football themed drinks. Blow your guests away with team-oriented cocktails, or better yet – rival cocktails to really getting the competitive juices flowing. And of course, you can’t forget about beer! Have a selection of wheats, stouts, and porters cold and ready in your cooler for your guests to grab from at any time.


Without the proper decor, your party is just food and TV. And this just doesn’t cut it. Why not get everyone in the competitive spirit right as they walk through the door? Spaceships and Laser Beams has an awesome guide to Super Bowl Party Decorating Ideas. From football party printables to table arrangements, they have tons of inspiration to take your party to the next level.


Not everyone can fully immerse themselves in the big game as much as others. So instead of letting them sit on the couch playing on their phones waiting for the game to end, have some games on hand. Classic games like corn hole can do the trick, but there are so many other possibilities. I particularly love this BINGO game printable by St. Augustine’s Mom Blog. Decide on a worthwhile prize to amp every guest no matter their level of interest in football!

Don’t let this monumental day for football discourage you from hosting an incredible party. These ideas will surely make a special night for anyone, football fanatic or not. Are there any other Super Bowl party ideas that we missed? Please let us know on our Facebook page and be sure to share your Super Bowl party ideas with us as well!

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