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To me, nothing screams football Sunday than some good old-fashioned chicken wings. Whether you’re hosting the big game, heading to a potluck, or just a close and intimate night of football with friends, you can never go wrong with Super Bowl wings. Football isn’t my favorite pastime, but making mouth-watering food is. So instead of ordering takeout, show your guests some extra love with this touchdown of a chicken wing recipe. This recipe is great because it’s a great way to experience the flavor packed into Paula Deen’s own signature sauces!


• 15 – 20 chicken wings

Paula Deen Funky Chicken Seasoning

Paula Deen Sweet Bourbon Glaze

Paula Deen Hot Sauce



1. Fill a 3-Quart saucepan with water and bring to a boil

2. Boil your chicken wings for about 15 minutes

3. Remove chicken wings and pat them dry on a paper towel

4. Place your chicken wings in a mixing bowl and generously season them

5. Place all your wings on a cookie sheet

6. Broil 6 minutes each side at 350 degrees F

7. Place your chicken wings back in the mixing bowl and mix in your sauces (use separate bowls for separate sauces)

8. Enjoy!


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