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This is the time of year where baking skills are put to the ultimate test. With countless holiday parties all month, baking has become a weekly task. No holiday party is complete without a few homemade goodies, but whipping up dozens of baked treats can quickly become a challenge. Besides the immense dexterity involved in baking, there are many factors which makes baking a daunting task. This is exactly why I’ve made a list of baking tips that I believe makes for better, higher quality treats, all while making your job easier.

1. Make Your Own Buttermilk

Are you looking for the best buttermilk on the market? Then look no further, making your own personalized buttermilk allows you to make it to your liking. There are about four ways to make your own buttermilk, which all depend on what you’re making. The universal recipe, real cultured buttermilk, takes about 24 hours to make. In my opinion, this method is the perfect amount of tartness and creaminess and makes for the best-tasting treats. However, this requires you to already have buttermilk in hand. Start with one tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar and add to one cup of milk. Let the mixture sit at room temperature for about 10 minutes. If you need more than a cup of buttermilk, just make sure to keep your ratios the same. To make real cultured buttermilk, start with 3/4 cup of cultured buttermilk in a glass quart jar. Next, you must add 3 cups of whole milk. Tightly seal the jar, and blend your mixture with a good shake. Now, you want to leave this mixture to sit at room temperature for up to 24 hours. Once it has been sitting for a while the buttermilk will have thickened. And voila, you now have high-quality buttermilk that’s ready to use!

2. Immediately Bring Eggs to Room Temperature

I’ve noticed that room temperature ingredients make everything easier. This is especially true with eggs. Rather than straight out of the fridge, the yolk and whites of room temperature eggs combine easier when whisked. If you’re an avid baker, you know that whisking can be tedious, so room temperature eggs will help greatly. Furthermore, whisked room temperature eggs spread more evenly into batters, which makes for even cooking and provide a lighter texture. This is because of the natural elasticity of the eggs that traps and holds air that will expand in the oven. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be using this hack because this can be done very quickly. Simply soak your eggs in a bowl of warm water for about 10-15 minutes. It’s a quick and reasonable baking tips that will make all the difference in your dishes.

3. Use the Right Bakeware

Many people make the mistake of using whatever bakeware is accessible and is “good enough”. As long as it’s oven safe, why not?  Wrong. If you want shockingly delicious goodies then you need to use the appropriate pans. Glass and metal pans play a huge factor in how your treats cook in the oven. So before you go and grab any old baking pan, consider what you want to bake and your bakeware options. Metal bakeware is great for quickly heating dishes as it is a natural heat conductor. This kind of pan is ideal for foods that you want to come out golden brown and crispy such as pizza, pie crusts, etc. On the other end of you have glass and ceramic bakeware, which does not withstand heat as well as metal. Glass and ceramic bakeware are for recipes that require even heating. Unlike its metal counterpart, glass is a terrible heat conductor. It takes a while to absorb heat and slowly responds to changes in temperature. Casseroles and various bakes are ideal for this type of bakeware. For some of the highest quality bakeware on the market, check out our shop page.


I’ve been following these baking tips for longer than I can remember and they have never failed me. With the holidays in full effect, your baking game needs to be on point. So follow these tips and your guests will definitely taste the difference. Are there any baking tips we missed? Let us know on our Facebook page.

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