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When I think about the first days of December, I immediately think about grade school days. The hallways that were once plastered with cut-out turkeys and pilgrims are now replaced with candy canes and elves. One of my favorite parts of this season of giving is the classic Christmas gram. If your child is in grade school, these are an adorable way to spread the Christmas cheer. If not, I’m sure your family, coworkers, or neighbors wouldn’t mind some extra Christmas love. The following are some my favorites Christmas grams that you’re free to try or draw inspiration from.

Reindeer Treats

I love this not only for how unique it is but also how simple the materials are! If you want to take this Christmas gram to the next level, fill it with their favorite candy.



Full details on this project here.

Hershey’s Kisses Tree

These are so adorable, I almost wouldn’t open it and just keep it for decoration. Keyword: almost.



Full details on this project here.

Snowman Donuts

I am seriously loving the creativity behind this! This is one you should definitely try for that donut lover in your life.



Full details on this project here.


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