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My children go absolutely bonkers with Christmas excitement as soon as Thanksgiving is over. When I see how ecstatic my children get, it reminds me much of myself when I was a kid. Since I could remember I always counted down the days with my family with a Christmas advent calendar. I loved it and still love it now, it left me a little something to look forward to every day and made the wait for Christmas day a little bit more bearable. So, I thought it’s only fitting that I pass the tradition onto my own kids. Here are some adorable Christmas advent calendars you can draw inspiration from.

Roll + Tree Advent Calendar

All this super easy and simple advent calendar needs is toilet paper rolls and mini trees!





Find more details on this project here.

Lightbulb Advent Calendar

This has to be one of the most creative advent calendars I’ve ever seen. I am definitely trying this one out this year and you should too!





Find more details on this project here.

Clever Countdown

This one makes me laugh because I have way too many baking pans. Enough to make 4 of these adorable calendars!





Find more details on this project here.



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