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My family is huge. Both my mother and father come from families of six. I have so many cousins it’s hard to count them all sometimes. We all live within 30 miles of each other so we’re together quite frequently throughout the year. So you can imagine how big of a deal Thanksgiving is around my home. When I plan for the big dinner I like to think about parts of the evening that don’t involve cooking or eating. The family bonding shouldn’t just begin when everyone sits at the table, it should start before dinner is ready and continue after the turkey is eaten. That is why this year I’m trying something new: Thanksgiving family games. Below are three really easy and fun Thanksgiving games you can try with your whole family.

 Stuff the Turkey Game

This one was an easy pick for me because I knew right off the bat that I already had the materials for it. So you probably do too. I bet if you make a couple of these the kids will be running back and forth so much they’ll work up an appetite enough for two turkeys.




Find full details on this project here.

Turkey Leg Ring Toss

This game is little bit more challenging than the Stuff the Turkey Game so it’s perfect for the older kids. The glow sticks allow this game to be played even when the sun goes down.




Find full details on this project here.

Shake Your Tailfeathers

Anything that requires a little booty shaking is always going to bring some laughs.





Find full details on this project here.


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