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There comes a point in time when every homeowner makes their room their next home improvement project. There are so many different components that come into play that many homeowners often make irreversible mistakes that they regret later, this is exactly why it is imperative that everyone out there decorates their homes with careful planning and extreme attention to detail, but don’t forget to get in touch with your creative side.

One of the most important components of a room is the walls as they basically define the room and create the layout for the ambiance. If you are thinking about changing your rooms wall paint, please consider the following wall painting techniques mentioned below.

1. Color

If you are looking for something on the refined side, then you should consider choosing your wall colors very carefully.  Generally speaking, there are two options to choose from, which include contrasting colors and complementary ones. You can even use a combination of these types to create something that pays tribute to your taste and how you perceive your room!  This Old Room has an informing article on colors that complement and contrast together well.

2. Stencils

Stencils are the most popular choice for wall paint that basically looks like wallpaper. When done right, stencils can completely transform the feel of your living space. However, this painting technique is not easy as it requires a little bit of skill and patience. Furthermore, if you mess up the spacing that’s even a centimeter off or turned a degree then you might end up with a wall that looks like a toddler was coloring on! We would recommend practicing on a canvas beforehand and create a clear image of what you are trying to achieve.

3. Faux painting

Faux painting is one of the most complex painting techniques out there but the finished product is simply magnificent. This method involves creating a base color and then applying a color glaze over the top of the base.  How you apply the base and the graze plays an integral role in the final product, you can either use a standard brush, a rag, a sponge to give the paint different effects. At the end of the day, your creativity and your skill will help you effectively faux paint your walls.

4. Distressed & dramatic

Distressing is the best technique if you want to give your room a distressed aura that will create a warm ambiance.  This technique basically gives your room an old-school look that cannot be achieved by any other painting technique. Simply choose a warm color and apply a fresh coat of paint on the desired wall and then use a scraper to chip the paint off in the corners to give your wall a distressed look. Remember how you well you chip the paint plays a crucial role in the finished product.

5. Sheen stripping

If you are looking for something on the refined side then you should consider the sheen stripping paint technique. It basically involved coloring different vertical stripes on a base of the same or different colors. If you really want a sleek look in your room then consider using high gloss paint for the strips and a vibrant color for the base!

These wall painting techniques mentioned above are all quite simple to perform, all you need is the right attitude and the push in the right direction! Hope you end up with wall paint that makes you feel happy with yourself and your room.  Have any other creative wall painting techniques? Let us know on our Facebook page.

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