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We all know about the classic elementary school classroom Thanksgiving crafts. You know, when you trace your hand and color it like a turkey? Sure, those can be fun and bring feelings of nostalgia, but why not create something out the ordinary this year? Let your kids do the boring crafts at school and give them something exciting to make at home. Here are some simple and adorable Thanksgiving crafts the whole family can enjoy.

Scrap Ribbon Pine Cone Turkeys

Playing with natural materials is always a nice change. And chances are, you probably have the rest of these materials sitting around your house somewhere! If you want to take it to the next level, make about 10 and tie them to a piece of string to hang across your wall.




Find full details on this project here.


Footprint Turkey Wreath

I love this because it’s a fun twist on the normal turkey craft. Plus, my kid loves to play with her feet. Although this craft is super easy to make, it can be a little messy. But let’s be honest, what kid’s craft isn’t?





Find full details on this project here.


Thankful Tree

This project is my all-time favorite for two reasons: 1. it’s a nice break from turkeys, and 2. it lets the kids reflect on everything they were thankful for the last year. Twitchettes has an awesome version on their site that requires very little supplies.




Find full details on this project here.



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